Colorado Timberline APIA Practical Guide to Successful Integration

Order Operations

The only operation orders currently support is a submit() operation. The argument for the submit operation is a complex datum, which you could think of a set of nested arrays. For the most part, each component is essentially a name/value pair which appears either once or allows for a set of a given component.

Scalar values on Orders are what you might imagine, customer contact information, shipping information, and your affiliate id.

Orders consist of a group of OrderItems, each OrderItem basically lets you define a design, so to speak, and specify a quantity for that design. Each OrderItem specifies a PartNumber, which represents one of the products CT sells, along with potential additional info (which is embedded in the PartNumber, more on those in the InventoryOperations section).

Each product has 1 or more locations where images can be applied. So for each OrderItem there is a set of pairs which map image URLs to print locations (relevant to the PartNumber). There is also a print mode designation. CT provides a number of printing processes, but for t-shirts, you can select between dark and light print modes, which determines whether or not to use white ink.