Colorado Timberline APIA Practical Guide to Successful Integration



There are a set of objects and each object supports a number of operations. Currently the only programmatically supported operations are for Order objects (Inventory coming soon). For those clients who’ve chosen the protocol binding approach, it’s important to understand all the methods communicate via XML payloads over HTTP. HTTP methods may vary between operations, however they will likely only ever be divided into GET or POST requests.

Protocol Binding Implementation Suggestions

As a hint to clients binding via the protocol, the CT libraries have a number of objects in code that map to XML components which do not have formal methods published at the API level. Meaning, OrderItem will be a class in a CT library, but there are no methods that operate on OrderItems directly in the API. The API exposes operations on Order objets, which composes a set of OrderItems. The class in CT client libraries merely provides a convenient mapping so that it is easy to assemble orders for the inevitable invocation of the submit() API call.
You might be interested in taking a peak at the CT reference client before building your own in the PHP Client Library section.

Further Reading

Following is an overview of the supported objects and methods in the current version of the API. There are separate documents which cover implementation details for Protocol implementors and docs for each of the various client libraries CT provides.