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off PHP Client library v1.8 Released!

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Colorado Timberline is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the PHP client library v1.8. This version of the library brings bug fixes and feature additions, as well as some minor B.C. breaks. We’ll be considerate with B.C. going forward, but please bear with us as this is still rapidly evolving at the moment. Specifically the changes include:

Fix improper handling of HTTP response codes in CtApiGateway

  • Improper detection of HTTP response code was leading to false positives reported by CtApiGateway after order submissions

Robust additions to CtApiConfig

  • CtApiConfig now manages multiple configurations in memory simultaneously
  • CtApiConfig automatically detects configuration files which are environmentally specific
  • CtApiConfig can broadcast notifications when values are changed during runtime to registered observers

Customizeable Logging infrastructure added

  • Introduction of CtApiLog, a mechanism which allows you to direct messages from the core CtApi library anywhere you wish. Read More

Unit Testing via PHPUnit

  • Unit tests are being introduced into the codebase and eventually the bulk of core will be shipping w/ tests
  • PHPUnit has been incorporated as a git submodule so it doesnt ship w/ the download. If you want to develop on the PHP client library pulling PHPUnit into a working copy is as simple as git submodule update!

SPL required

  • The new library now requires SPL, as it makes use of spl_object_hash() to implement Observer pattern internally

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