Colorado Timberline APIA Practical Guide to Successful Integration

Technical Requirements


All interaction is over HTTP, payloads being XML data and images.

Core Requirements

  • You write code to send XML over HTTP (to place orders); Optionally you may leverage a CT provided client library
  • You expose HTTP endpoints for notification XML via HTTP POST
  • You expose HTTP endpoints for CT to download order image assets via HTTP GET; You will provide URL’s to the assets in order payloads

Image Asset Requirements

  • Images can be either .jpeg or .png filetypes
  • To avoid color corruption images should come with an embedded color profile (generic profiles are applied otherwise)
  • RGB mode will incur the least amount of image manipulation as your media is prepared for printing
  • Transparent sections of .png images will be omitted (no ink used in those areas); see Printmodes for more details