Colorado Timberline APIA Practical Guide to Successful Integration


What is it?

Printmode refers to the decoration process that will be used on a given product. There are several decoration processes we support and for some, multiple printmodes.

Decoration Processes

Direct On Garment
Special ink is sprayed directly on the garment after being coated with either an alcohol or water-based solution
Garments undergo a gasification process whereby ink is bound to the products fabric at a molecular level

Direct on Garment Printmodes

Light (White *will not* print)
This mode means none of the white sections of your media will appear on the garment. You can however feign white sections in this case by submitting transparent sections of a .png image on a white shirt, as the transparent sections will not have ink printed on them and the white from the garment itself will show through.
Dark (White *will* print)
The dark mode has multiple implications. The most important part to consider is the reason behind the use of white ink in this mode. The mode is primarily intended for darker colored garments. In this case to make the colors vibrant, we apply 2 coats of white ink covering the silhouette of your image, then print your design atop that. The other reason to consider the dark print mode is if you would like white to show on a non-white garment; you have to use a dark printmode for that, as there is no white ink in the light printmode

Technical Details

When you build a request to CT, you must specify one of

  • dark
  • light
  • sublimation

for the printmode component of the order. You’ll understand more about this when you get to later sections of the site discussing the Order submit() method.