Colorado Timberline APIA Practical Guide to Successful Integration

CT Inventory Paradigm


CT has a large number of products for sale. In order to categorize our inventory we have derived part numbers based upon the product and two characteristics, size and color. Therefore part number values have the form

{product code}{color code}{size code}

(There are no separators in the codes).


A men’s 6.1 ounce tee (COT) in black (10), double extra large (2X). The part number would be


Inventory Browser

We do have an interface to browse our inventory (though the interface is still quite minimal). You will be able to find out identifier values for the merchandise you wish to order. This resource can be found at:

Inventory Browser Link

Searching Inventory

As shown above the CT inventory paradigm divides the part numbers into 3 components. The search feature on the inventory browser accepts part numbers in the following formats

{product code}
{product code}{color code}
{product code}{color code}{size code}

The more components you specify the more refined the search will be. The results will include supported printmodes and DPI requirements for the image assets.

Finding Product Codes

You will however need to know a product code to search for. Until we get a product listing on the inventory browser, your best bet is to use the search feature on our main website.

Head to and click the magnifying glass icon at the lower left corner of the banner. There you can enter search terms and the results will list product codes on the left side of the results.