Colorado Timberline APIA Practical Guide to Successful Integration


Submission Types

Order XML can be submitted in two ways:

  • as a POST variable called ‘xml’ at v15/submit
  • via ‘text/xml’ content type at v15/rawSubmit

Staging URL

The staging site is a great place to send your orders for CT to analyze the XML for validity and run your artwork through the image manipulation processes the artwork would undergo during a production order. The only things that are not simulated by the staging environment are actual fulfillment and shipping of your order as well as a lack of notifications, though we may add notifications to the staging environment soon.

Production URL

The production URL is used to submit orders which will be fulfilled and for which you will be billed. Typically, once a client has passed orders through the staging environment successfully, we recommend sending a small number of orders through the production system and shipping them to you for review. After any last tweaking required you can open up our merchandise for purchase on your E-Commerce site and let the order submissions start flowing!

SSL Support

These URLs support both HTTP and HTTPS; CT recommends use of HTTPS, however, if you feel inclined to use HTTP, support is there.